Producers of BOLD and INNOVATIVE entertainment for FILM, PUBLISHING, THEATER and TELEVISION. 

We focus on projects with POWERFUL social messages and/or DEEP AND RESONANT emotional impact.



A new musical.

BEFORE I'M 12 is the story of what it's like to be a kid in 2018, dealing with all the issues of today, while trying to stay focused on chasing your dreams. Based on extensive interviews with professional Broadway child performers (and kids who aspire to be Broadway performers) that provide us with a deep and rich tapestry of incredibly emotional material for this powerful new musical.


A new musical.

Based on the world-renowned diary RUTKA'S NOTEBOOK by 13-year-old Rutka Laskier, RUTKA is a bold new indie-rock musical that tells the story of a teen and her friends in the Jewish ghetto in Bedzin, Poland in 1943, trying to simply be normal teens, while still rising up and rebelling against the horrific reality of a world that's gone mad around them.





A graphic novel

IDOLIZED is the story of a girl with fledgling superpowers and a dark past, who seeks revenge, and ultimately finds redemption, over the course of competing in a televised superhero competition show. 

Writer: David Schwartz

Artwork: Micah Gunnell and Pasquale Qualano

Colors: David Curiel

Cover Art: Arthur Adams, Humberto Ramos, Micah Gunnell, Pasquale Qualano, and photo covers by Michael Schwartz featuring Rachel Clark


A graphic novel

The Flare is dying. His own super-powers are eating him alive, melting him down from within. During his final days, The Flare must struggle with his volatile life and the questionable decisions he's made along the way, hoping to find redemption before time runs out. See the final moments that prove what a hero can — and should — be, in the stunning mini-series that took the comic industry by storm.

Writer: David Schwartz

Artwork: Sean Wang

Colors: Guru-eFX

Cover Art: Chris Bachalo, Greg Horn


THINK SYSTEM PRODUCTIONS' MISSION is to create NEW, ENGAGING and HIGHLY-COMMERICAL creative works for all entertainment platforms, including film, TV, theater and publishing. 

We're attracted to properties that make POWERFUL EMOTIONAL and/or SOCIAL STATEMENTS. We tend to focus our attention on stories about characters fighting to stay true to themselves and their childhood dreams, no matter what challenges the world may throw in their way.  

FOR AUDIENCES, we always seek to create experiences that cause them to think about their world and their lives differently than they did when they first entered the theater, turned on the TV, or picked up the book.  FOR CREATORS, we seek to create an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration and tremendous creative support, where all voices are heard and valued, and where the entire team can work together and contribute towards creating the extraordinary.

THINK SYSTEM PRODUCTIONS was formed by Producer, Writer & Entertainment Attorney DAVID B. SCHWARTZ, and Producer & Writer AMY LANGER.  In addition to collaborating on THINK SYSTEM PRODUCTIONS projects together, David and Amy are married, and met when they were in the 7th grade performing together in the Southwood Jr. High production of THE MUSIC MAN.  

The company's name comes from THE MUSIC MAN character Harold Hill's "Think System" for learning to play music: "think the notes, and then play the notes".  At TSP, we take thoughts and ideas for new projects, and make them into reality.


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